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What is the operating voltage of a car relay?

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Different brands and different types of automotive relays use different operating voltages. Automotive relays are divided into 12V and 24V. 24V cars are usually equipped with two batteries, cars are generally 12V, trucks and trucks are generally 24V. Different brands, even the same brand, different models of automotive relays work with low voltages.
If the voltage applied to the coil is insufficient, the relay will not operate, or the operation will be unstable, which will cause the durability of the contact to be lowered or the contact point such as welding to be blocked. In particular, in a large motor or the like, when the power is turned on, the voltage applied to the relay coil sometimes drops at the moment of a load operation in which a large inrush current is generated.
If the relay is operated in a low voltage state, even if it is a vibration or shock value within the specifications specified in the specifications and catalogues, the relay may malfunction. Therefore, apply a rated voltage to the coil of the relay.
For fluctuations in the power supply voltage, apply a voltage to the coil that each relay can fully operate. If a voltage is applied to the coil that does not allow the relay to fully operate, the coil will be abnormally heated, causing the coil to burn out.
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What is the difference between a car relay and a fuse?

Automotive relays and fuses have a common feature, both for safety, and the lack of understanding of circuit components, so some people are not very clear about the difference between the two. Everyone can distinguish in appearance, and more is not understanding the principle of action. Let me talk about the difference between car relays and fuses. An automotive relay is an electrical control device that is an electrical device that causes a predetermined step change in the controlled output quantity in an electrical output circuit when the change in the input amount (excitation amount) reaches a prescribed requirement. It has a control system (also known as an input loop) and a controlled system (also known as an output back)


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