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Automotive relay manufacturers, where to find her thousands of Baidu

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Automotive relay manufacturers, Gordon relay to be your ideal partner! The high-end relay one-stop service, from the product, research and development, production, and shipping, is integrated by the manufacturer and is built in one stop.

Why do many customers choose Gordon Relay?
As an old brand manufacturer, Gordon's relay manufacturer has been providing quality products and services to many customers in need. The old customer commented on the Gordon relay: "I believe that the Gordon relay is because the high-density relay uses high-quality materials, does not cut corners, good quality, good results, and the service is a good one." The trust of the relay, this trust, Gordon relay is obliged to provide customers with satisfactory electromagnetic relays, car relays, small relays, small power relays and other products and services, is also our power!


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What is the difference between a car relay and a fuse?

What is the difference between a car relay and a fuse?

Automotive relays and fuses have a common feature, both for safety, and the lack of understanding of circuit components, so some people are not very clear about the difference between the two. Everyone can distinguish in appearance, and more is not understanding the principle of action. Let me talk about the difference between car relays and fuses. An automotive relay is an electrical control device that is an electrical device that causes a predetermined step change in the controlled output quantity in an electrical output circuit when the change in the input amount (excitation amount) reaches a prescribed requirement. It has a control system (also known as an input loop) and a controlled system (also known as an output back)


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