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Entrepreneurial spirit: pioneering and innovative, never satisfied!
Management policy: comply with regulations, market-oriented, customer-centric, and pursue economies of scale!
Business philosophy: Through the development of the company, while creating more benefits for the society, partners, and shareholders, we will seek more and better benefits for our employees!
Quality policy: full participation, fine work, quality first, excellence, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement!
2.1 Corporate Quality and Environmental Protection and Conflict Minerals Management Policy:
2.1.1 Company Quality Policy
Full participation, fine work;
Quality first, excellence;
Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
2.1.2 Company Environmental Policy
Compliance with regulations and focus on training;
Save energy and prevent pollution;
Clean the environment and continue to improve.
2.1.3 Conflict Minerals Management Policy URL
It is prohibited to use minerals from conflict areas, invite conflict mineral information to suppliers and manage them.

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